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Drumconner Care Home in Lancing, Sussex wants its entire community around the area to connect them and benefit from the joy of communicating and making each other happy.

Do you recall how wonderful it is to get a postcard? One that reminds you of a specific time in your life? A reminder that someone cares enough to have written to you?

Please take part in sending Postcards of Friendship to the residents at the Drumconner Care Home. Matron, Angela Preston states 'We hope this is a simple, inexpensive way of our residents feeling connected to people and places in the wider community. In some small way we hope that this Project tackles the issue of loneliness too. Loneliness is too often felt by adults and the elderly, regardless of how many people are around. At the Drumconner Care Homes companionship is one of our core values.'

Drumconner, a well-known family-owned Residential Care Home located near the seafront in Lancing, established for more than 35 years, offers care and nursing for 57 residents and with current significant investment to expand, is proud of the standard of care it offers.

Making strong connections with its neighbours and others locally to share a few moments of contact is part of Drumconner’s ethos.

Call Drumconner for further information about this idea (01903 753516)
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