Storrington Conservation Society November News

The printing deadline means the report on our AGM and the important talk on climate change has to wait till the next issue.

Another subject of concern is recycling, particularly that of plastics. There seem to be two issues, the clearing up of discarded items, especially those adrift in the oceans, and the need to develop a better approach to recycling.

At present local authorities recycle items not recycled by neighbouring authorities, and vice versa. And it is disconcerting to learn that black plastic, carefully placed in recycling bins, cannot be handled by the sorting machinery, so goes to landfill.

Manufacturers can do more to ensure as many products as possible are recyclable. It is a worldwide problem, but we can all be part of the solution.

One example, we groan at the excess of wasteful packaging we have to wrestle with. Prevention of tampering is one thing, the denial of lawful access to the goods is another! Complain to the supplier.

We can no longer sustain the 'throw away' lifestyle which has become widespread. Conservation and reuse of resources is essential.

The work party met on 6th October at Fryern Dell, continuing the restoration of the Pleasure Garden. We meet again on 3rd November at 10.00am as usual, again at Fryern Dell. Work is carried out there in autumn and winter, avoiding spring and summer in the interests of nesting birds.

There is a saying 'One volunteer is worth ten pressed men' So the forces have volunteers 'You, and you!'. Please don't wait to be asked to join our happy volunteers. All are welcome, gardening wear advised, tools provided, and a cup of coffee.

For information about this and all our activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website
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